Here's The Best Cheesesteak In All Of Washington

Chicken Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

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The almighty cheesesteak is truly American. The sandwich is as straightforward as the name: slices of juicy steak topped with all kinds of cheeses in between a thick, crispy hoagie roll. Depending on where you're getting your cheesesteak, expect some peppers, onions, and maybe some other yummy fixings.

Of course, the most famous kind of cheesesteak is from Philadelphia, but every state has dedicated spots to grab this famous sandwich. With that said, where can you find the best cheesesteak in Washington state? Eat This, Not That!, looked to Yelp to find the most delicious cheesesteaks in every state:

"These picks are based on rave reviews and personal experience. What they all have in common is the freshest ingredients, mostly local ownership, great vibes, and a loyal fan base. While all of these spots might not follow the traditional recipe, you won't be disappointed (or hungry) after picking one up."

Writers picked Tres House Of Cheesesteak for the Evergreen State!

"Chef and owner Tremain Battle brought a taste of Philly out West with a food truck that serves an old-school cheesesteak, creative takes like the pizza steak, as well as burgers and loaded fries," writers say.

You can find this food truck at 820 NW 85th St. in Seattle.

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