See Why This Seattle Couple Permanently Lives On Cruise Ships

couple enjoying sea view in the morning

Photo: Getty Images

A Seattle couple is living their dreams off-land, and they have an interesting reason for that, according to KOMO.

Angelyn Burk told Australian TV station 7 News that she and her husband, Richard, have made cruise ships their permanent residences. Burk, who's an accountant, did the math and found out that they could retire now and save money living aboard cruise ships than paying for housing.

"Our original plan was to stay in different countries for a month at a time and eventually retire to cruise ships as we got older," Burk explained to reporters. "We love to travel and we were searching for a way to continuously travel in our retirement that made financial sense."

The Burks then took the dive. They quit their jobs, abandoned their bills, and started traveling to different countries aboard different cruise ships. To finance their bold plan, the couple used their savings while taking advantage of loyalty points and sales. They're also trying to sell their Seattle home. So far, their journey has taken them to Italy, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Iceland, and other countries.

"We have been frugal all our lives to save and invest in order to achieve our goal. We are not into materialistic things but experiences," Burk says. "We don’t plan to permanently live on land in the future."

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