This Is The Best Pizza Place In Washington

Pizza With Pepperoni, Olives and Peppers

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It's pretty easy to grab a pizza, especially when there's a chain restaurant nearby. But the best pizzas tend to come from the independent or local restaurants, such as hole-in-the-wall spots and even fine-dining places.

Since there are so many places serving up pizza, Mashed makes the search easier by finding the best pizzeria in every state.

"With more than 60,000 pizza places in the United States, it'd be a colossal waste of time and money for you to go out and do your own research. Thankfully, by listening to recommendations, reading reviews, researching awards, and doing some taste-testing of our own, we've arrived at the best of the best."

Here's what writers picked for Washington state: Proletariat Pizza!

They also explained why this pizza place deserves the praise:

"Many pizza eaters agree that Proletariat Pizza deserves recognition as the best pizza place in the state of Washington. At this restaurant, the staff has mastered the art of the thin crust pie. Add in a fun menu with unique choices, and you'll begin to understand why Seattleites adore this eatery so much. Even if Spam isn't your favorite food, you need to trust us and go with The Real Hawaiian Pizza. The mix of Spam and pineapple on a pizza may sound gross, but your taste buds will thank you for your bravery."

You can find Proletariat Pizza at 9622-A 16th Ave. in Seattle.

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