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95.7 The Jet Mornings with Jodi & Bender

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These Cities Have The Most Expensive Homes In Washington

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People are endlessly fascinated with the lives of the affluent and wealthy. Sometimes, they could be living right next door to us. Stacker got curious about where the most expensive homes are located in Washington state, and they made some interesting discoveries:

"Cities are ranked by the Zillow Home Values Index for all homes as of April 2022," according to the website. "The most expensive city on the list has a typical home value of $7,959,995 which is 1,185% higher than the state average of $619,575."

Hunts Point!

Here are the statistics for this community:

  • Typical home value: $7,959,995
  • 1-year price change: +29.7%
  • 5-year price change: +74.1%

Hunts Point is located in the Seattle metro area, which researchers say had the most cities with expensive homes (28). The Bremerton-Silverdale and Ellensburg metro areas tied for second place, both having just one city.

Here are the Top 15 Washington cities and communities with the most expensive homes:

  1. Hunts Point
  2. Medina
  3. Yarrow Point
  4. Clyde Hill
  5. Beaux Arts Village
  6. Mercer Island
  7. Woodway
  8. Sammamish
  9. Bellevue
  10. Redmond
  11. Woodinville
  12. Newcastle
  13. Bainbridge Island
  14. Kirkland
  15. Issaquah

Click HERE to check out the full report.

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