Women Are Posting Pics Of Their Cellulite On Instagram

Woman legs with cellulite skin

Body-positive posts are all over social media recently and we can’t get enough. It’s about time to see real women showing and embracing their real bodies, especially after all the years of airbrushed, Face Tuned images. Iskra Lawrence is a force in the body-positivity movement and she’s known for challenging unrealistic beauty standards. The 28-year-old model has appeared unretouched in ad campaigns and encourages women to focus on happiness instead of a number on the scale.

Lawrence recently started the hashtag#CelluLIT, which has blown up on Instagram. Now thousands of women are sharing images of their cellulite on social media and embracing their bodies in an empowering way. “Life's so much easier when you live it for YOU,” she writes in a post that accompanies a photo of her in a swimsuit with cellulite on her booty. “Not for someone else’s beauty ideal, someone else’s validation, or a socially constructed perfection. Being you and doing you is always enough."

More than 18-thousand women have shared similar posts with the #celluLIT hashtag on Instagram, including powerlifter Meg Gallagher,and journalist Liz Black, who proudly showed off what she calls her “pale thunder thighs.” It’s refreshing to see these empowering posts, especially since the majority of us have cellulite but we’ve come to feel ashamed by it. Now #celluLIT reminds us to be proud of the skin we’re in and we couldalluse more of that.


Jodi Brothers

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