Mom Bans Grandma From Visiting Baby For Two Weeks

When it comes to having a new baby, lots of parents have strict rules especially in the very beginning, but apparently one grandma doesn’t think they pertain to her.

A pregnant mother-to-be recently took to the Internet to share the problems she’s dealing with when it comes to her mother. The woman says she and her hubby decided they didn’t want anyone at the hospital when she gave birth, and since the hubby has two-weeks paternity leave, they want to spend those first two weeks completely alone, with no visitors.

Well, apparently the woman’s mother had a different plan. "My mother said her plan was to come the day of the induction to be there at the delivery, stay for a few days and then fly back to 'give us our two-weeks alone,'" she recalled. "Um ... no. That isn’t giving us our two-weeks alone."

When the mom-to-be squashed grandma’s plans, telling her she could visit after the two weeks were up, grandma wasn’t at all happy. "She flipped out," the poster noted. "She said I was horrible, so selfish and entitled. I was taking away the moment she should have with HER granddaughter."

  • The fight didn’t end there and after a lot of back and forth, with the mom-to-be not backing down, the grandma to told her daughter, “she hopes my daughter does the same things to me so I will know how it feels. She can’t wait for my ‘payback.’" 
  • Of course the folks on he Internet had something to say about this grandma’s reaction, with most people siding with the mom-to-be. "You aren't being selfish, you're setting your family's boundaries," one person shared, while another added, "Your mom is crazy. You set the rules, she either follows them or stays home."
  • There was one person who questioned the mom’s plan though, noting, "I enjoyed having my mum and MIL around when I had my babies," adding, "my advice is not to shut family out in those first couple of weeks."

Source:Café Mom

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