Pink Says Screw It . . . Cut Your Own Hair

Since she can't get to the salon,PINK decided to cut her own hair. After all, she doesn't have much to begin with . . . how hard could it be? Well, she kind of butchered one side of it. To be fair, she was drunk.

In an Instagram videowhere she appears to be half in the bag, Pink revealed that she's decided to make drinking a SPORT during the quarantine.

She added, quote, "When I drink I get really, really brilliant ideas. And last night I got an idea: I can cut hair. I can totally cut hair. Why have I been paying people all this time?"Then she showed off her mistake . . . which she said she might try to FIX herself. Another really brilliant idea.

Not that she cares. She signed off by saying, quote, "Stay safe, stay home, cut your own hair. Screw it.

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