5 Amazon Echo Hacks To Know

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Amazon echo hacks that you should be trying right now!

There are new things you can do with Alexa. Try these 5 hacks!

Alexa gives morning encouragements

Feeling down? Alexa can cheer you up. Say 'Alexa, good morning' or 'Alexa, good afternoon,' the virtual voice will give you motivational quotes and helpful tips that will boost you to start the day right. No worries, Alexa always has different responses every time you ask her. 

Create custom routines

If you want Alexa to follow your exact command, you can now open the app and create custom routines and add it to the New Routine screen. Edit the criteria, actions, and devices that you want it to be accessible and make Alexa your personal assistant. As easy as that!

Check-in while you're away

In case that you have something to do outside and you'd leave your house, you can now monitor the safety of your home using the Alexa app. Click the Drop-in feature and choose the device you want to connect with. 

Turn on the night light

Help your kids, or even yourself fell directly to sleep with Alexa's new 'Night Light' feature. Say 'Alexa, open the night light,' and Alexa's notif bar will be instantly illuminated. 

Discover how to DIY

Try Alexa's new feature called Alexa Skill Blueprints that allows users to make a template of different Alexa skills on home, business, lifestyle, etc. 

As always...if you should also utilize Alexa for listening to iHeartRadio in the house too!

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