Nonstick frying pans can make your "Peter" smaller, study says

Ok you're not going to lose your ding-dong just by frying eggs on a non-stick pan.

However, the good folks at LADbible were able to dig up some info that might give you an uneasy feeling, male or female. A new study found that a chemical commonly found on nonstick pans and fast-food wrappers may have a significant impact on endowment — and can result in smaller schlongs. A study in Italy shows that a chemical called PFCs can disrupt with the male hormone while in the womb. (by male hormone they mean wiener)

So while it's not gonna make your THING get smaller just by standing near it, your future kids could be forced to deal with the side effects. So if you are going to cook with frying pan, try to avoid as much contact as possible....

Allegedly, this toxic chemical has been removed from Teflon products in 2013. That's not that long ago. SMH. 

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