Study Says That Guys Who Smoke Weed Have Higher Sperm Counts

There’s new research from Harvard that’s good news for the sperm counts of pot smokers. What they found flies in the face of data from previous studies, and it’s that guys who smoke pot have higher sperm counts than those guys who don’t light up.

They collected the baby batter from 662 different men. Then, they divided the samples between men who’d never touched the stuff, those who’d smoked occasionally throughout their lives, and those who smoke an average of two joints a week. The last two groups showed sperm counts that were “significantly” higher than those who’d never tried the reefer.

In addition, their numbers show the potheads had higher testosterone levels and lower serum concentrations of FSH. If those concentrations are too high, it can be a warning sign of infertility. They do stress, however, these results are far from “conclusive” – so don’t go lighting up just so you can get your swimmers up to speed. What they suggest, though, is that there may be a correlation between higher sperm counts and pot, and it could simply be based on the psychological effects of the drug. Either way, further study’s going to go on.

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