in #CASE you missed it… International Happiness Day

in #CASE you missed it…  International Happiness Day

All of us want to live a life that is filled with joy and happiness. Sometimes however it’s not easy with the ups and downs that come our way. Recently I have been intentionally practicing an “Attitude of Gratitude”.

Every morning I wake up and start thinking of all the things that I am truly grateful for deep down in my heart. My wife and I also have a “gratitude jar” on the counter in our kitchen. We fill it with little blue pieces of paper that we write what we are grateful for in the moment, what’s on our mind or on our heart. It’s been a great way to start looking at all the good and awesome blessing we have.

There are some really great and awesome way that we can all start living a life filled with happiness . Here some other ideas. If you have any please comment and share!

Dr Mark Rowe has come up with 15 ways to make your life happier.

Develop the happiness habit

Gratitude is a natural antidote to feelings of envy, hostility or needless negativity. We can do two things to improve our ability to feel gratitude.

Gratitude must become a mind-set and a habit, so you have to work at it.  

Second, develop the habit of writing down three things that went well in your day. When we express gratitude by writing it, our inner happiness increases he adds.

Be kinder to others and to yourself

Don't be so hard on yourself. Also remember that we never know what is going on in anyone's life so don't be so hard on others either

Value your relationships

Cultivating and investing in the relationships in your life can provide you with a deep reservoir of long-term satisfaction and meaning.

Connect with your purpose in life, and learn to love what you do

Make time to do what you love - because that's what lights the spark of your creative potential as well as your positivity and well-being.

Take the anti-anxiety 'vaccine'

"Exercise can be so good that you might consider it as an 'anti-anxiety vaccine," Rowe declares

Spend time regularly in silence or solitude

Spend time with happy people


The key is to slow down and simplify; do less but be more effective at what you do!

Identify the biggest sources of friction in your life

and do something about it, he suggests.

Lighten Up

Don't take life too seriously. Laughter is very powerful medicine for mind, body and soul.

Set goals consistent with your values

Eat foods that support a good mood

Meditate for the mind

Get enough good-quality sleep


Adopt a strength-based approach to life

"It's about focusing on what you are good at and listening to your heart rather than your head. The key is to stop worrying about weakness so much and start using your strengths."

Happiness, says Dr Rowe, is about identifying and using your strengths.

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