in #CASE you missed it... Trick For Getting Picky Kids To Eat Dinner

in #CASE you missed it… Trick For Getting Picky Kids To Eat Dinner

Dad Creates Clever Trick For Getting Picky Kids To Eat Dinner

Anyone who’s ever had to deal with feeding children day after day knows that no matter how old they are, meal time can be a struggle. We want healthy food, they want whatever they’re into that day and finding that sweet spot in the middle is really tough sometimes. But one dad came up with a smart solution to end the complaining and negotiations with trying to get his children to eat dinner.

One Dad recently shared a post about his four kids, who are between the ages of 10 and 16, and were making dinner impossible. He says that there are “literally no meals” left he could make because some kids were picky - one hates cheese, one hates chicken - and one has Celiac. He was safe with tacos for a bit, but then one kid decided she was never eating tacos again.

So the dad hung up his dinner cooking apron. He bought the groceries and told the kiddos they were on their own for the evening meal. And for about two weeks, he says they all ate cereal and sandwiches, while he cooked only for his wife and they enjoyed things they like to eat. Then one night, one kid says, “That smells really good, can I have some?”

The dad explains that he only made enough for the two of them, but said he’d be happy to make extra of tomorrow night’s dinner if they wanted some. He says he expected them to ask what he would be making, but instead the kid said, “Yes, please. Anything is better than sandwiches.” He reports all four kids eventually all followed suit and he’s back to cooking for six again, but this time with no complaints from the kiddos. And if they don’t like what he’s cooking, they can go back to cereal or sandwiches.

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