in #CASE you missed it… Calculator Tells You How Long Your TP Will Last

in #CASE you missed it… Calculator Tells You How Long Your TP Will Last

With more states locking down and issuing “stay in place” orders, the demand for toilet paper continues to be at a historic high. Every store you go to is dealing with massive runs on TP – so to speak – and stock is still shockingly limited (even though it doesn’t need to be). For those worried about how long their home supply will last, there’s It’s an online calculator than can help determine how long you can go before getting into the hand towels and printer paper.

Just use the site’s sliders to enter your TP usage, and their algorithm will determine how long you can go before making a desperation toilet paper excursion. Use the “advanced options” icon and enter the following criteria.

Rolls You Have – Let’s say you’ve got a brand new 24-pack ready for action.

Toilet Visits Per Day – An average person might make three visits daily.

Wipes Per Trip – Two wipes per trip is a safe number.

Sheets Per Wipe – Five sounds like a nice, round number.

Sheets On A Roll – Typically, one-ply will have 1,000 sheets, and two-ply will have 500 sheets…and, for most right-thinking people, a booger doesn’t even get one-ply.

People In Household – For this example, we’ll say a family of four.

Days of Quarantine – Fourteen days is a solid number to toss-in here.

Based on those calculations, it appears that 24-pack would last that family long past the 14-day quarantine period…100-days, in fact. Of course, those numbers can vary based on fiber and Mexican or Indian food intake.

Uh... I'm sorry but I find these numbers a little low....

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