How to remove all politics from your Facebook feed

Apparently you can filter the politics from your Facebook feed so you don't have to see them anymore!

If you use Google Chrome, there is now a tool that will remove all politics from your feed.

 It's basically a toggle switch. When activated, it filters anything and everything political out of your feed. As the developer notes, "memes will still exist," meaning the extension can't do anything about embedded political photos -- but it promises to "take care of all the rest." [Source]

To activate:

Click the Remove All Politics button (confusingly labeled "off") in your Chrome toolbar, 

The drop-down menu might perplex you. It says "FB Politics" and then shows a slider set to "off," which to me indicates the filter itself is off. 

In reality, the "off" slider means it's on -- so politics won't appear in your feed. 

When you switch it to "on," that means politics will appear in your feed. 

Here is another option:



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