'Man Bangs' are the new 'Man Bun'

When's the last time you saw a guy with bangs?  Besides Justin Bieber, of course...

Well get ready because salons in major cities are saying that 'man bangs' are coming back in a big way and they've already seen a huge increase in guy's coming in to get them.

Now, I'm a female and the last time I got really impulsive and decided to cut bangs into my hair I regretted it for the the next year...because growing bangs out is a painfully long process.  So my word of advice to any guy considering it is: DON'T.

I'm kidding, I mean I guess if you want to take the time to style them properly every. single. day. then go for it.  

Luis Chevere, a hair artist and educator, credits the '70s and '80s influence in current fashion trends for the resurgence of the look. [Source]

He says that Jared Leto and Johnny Depp have the best man bangs in the game right now if you're looking for some inspiration.  

But seriously guys, you'll probably regret it if you get them.  Take it from me.



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