Bath & Body Works' New Line Will Remind You Of The 90's

Remember going to Bath & Body Works and buying 7,341 bottles of lotion, body splash, and shower gel for $15?  Well guess what?  Their new product line is like a walk down memory lane!

The Cocoa Shea Cucumber Aloe Gel Lotion, Foaming Scrub, All Over Mist, Body Wash, and Body Lotion are VERY similar to that old familiar Cucumber Melon scent from the 90's.

Although, in my friend circle we were really into Freesia or the pink one (whatever that scent was).  Sweet Pea, maybe?

Anyways, this new product line will include ingredients like hydrating coconut and shea butters, and will range in price from $13.50 to $16.50.  And guess what?  It hits store shelves on Monday!



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