'The Carter' is a Beyonce-and-Jay Z-Themed Restaurant

Apparently there's place called 'The Carter' Sydney, Australia and it's a Beyonce and Jay Z themed restaurant and cocktail bar!

The Down Under destination opened in early 2017, and features design details like Beyoncé and Jay Z wall murals in the downstairs lounge and a golden Art-Deco-style lofty bar room. [Source]

There's no word on whether Beyonce and Jay Z know this place exists.  But keep reading to see where the controversy starts...


I think it's a cool concept, but they might want to be careful.  Some of the pictures on The Carter's Instagram account are raising questions about cultural appropriation and racism.  

Here are a couple of examples:


And here are some of the drinks offered:

 Drinks have even been named after other pop culture icons, like the cognac "Obama Out," the vodka "Kimye," and the spiced rum "Snoop Lion."



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