Have you ever seen a goldfish in a wheelchair? Now you have.

Stop it.  Just stop it.  It seems everyone on the internet is having a hard time processing the emotional fallout after seeing this poor little goldfish in his tiny wheelchair.

Here's how it started:


The little fish suffers from swim bladder disease, a disorder that prevents goldfish from controlling their buoyancy in water. When the swim bladder is deformed or infected by bacteria or parasites, the goldfish loses its floatation stability - which could result in a fish floating to the top of the water, heavily leaning toward one side, or even swimming upside down. [Source]

Derek said:

“I got some airline tubing that people usually use in their tank and just placed it around the goldfish.  I added some valves to the bottom of it, which acted as a ‘chair’ to prop him up.  I added weights to the bottom of the ‘chair’ and something to keep him afloat on top (styrofoam), and slowly removed pieces until I achieved just the right buoyancy to make it easy for him to swim around without feeling like he’s dragging around a chair.  The bottom weight is almost equal to the pull on top so it works quite well for him!"

Looks like this little guy is going to get to swim around and enjoy his life...just like a cute little goldfish should!!!!



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