Applebee's Will Accept Gift Cards from ANYWHERE!?!?

If you got a random gift card for Christmas or your last birthday, that you'll never use...Applebee's will take it!  

For the remainder of March, Applebee's locations in Texas will accept gift cards or expired coupons - from anywhere, even non-Applebee's businesses (!!!) - to pay for up to 50 percent of your bill. They will literally take any paper, plastic, or printed coupon or gift card, and apply its value to the cost of your food. Have a coupon for $2 off canned soup for the grocery store? Use it at Applebee's and get $2 off your check instead. The offer just can't be combined with any other Applebee's offer and it can't be applied to alcohol (boo). [Source]

That means your $5 off drugstore coupon that expired last month will get you $5 off your next meal.  And if your bill at Applebee's is $50, then bring your $25 Barnes & Noble gift card in to get 50% off your dinner.

No word on what Applebee's will do with all of the gift cards they collect.  Perhaps let the hardworking kitchen staff, waiters, waitresses, bussers, hostesses, etc. take them home?  



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