Game Changer: You can watch March Madness in VIRTUAL REALITY

Basketball fans can now stream March Madness games in virtual reality, for a price: A newly-introduced VR Premium Ticket will give Samsung Gear VR owners access to the Final Four semifinals, the championship game as well as select Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games in 360-degree video. [Source]

There are two ticket package options: gold and silver.

The golden ticket tier is:

-  $2.99 per game or $7.99 for all six games, will offer access to multiple courtside cameras and dedicated VR commentary from Spero Dedes, Steve Smith and Lisa Byington.

The silver ticket tier is:

- $1.99 per game, will offer access to just one 360-degree camera feed, and the same commentary that can also be heard on CBS’s national broadcast feed.

Obviously the kicker is that you have to already have one of those Samsung Gear VR thingies (very technical term) but if you've got one, this sounds like it would be pretty cool!



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