Target Stores might look totally different soon!

Soon, Target stores might look completely different than you're used to.  

In its latest attempt to update its stores, Target is trying a new layout to adapt to changing shopper behaviors: separate entrances for those in a hurry and those who want to browse. [Source]

The speed entrance will offer 10-minute parking spots for those who just need to run in and grab one or two things.  It'll also "direct customers immediately to an overhauled grocery section stocked with items such as grab-and-go goods. The entrance will also be close to a wine and beer shop, self-checkout lanes, and an area where they can pick up orders placed online, seeking to offer these rushed consumers convenience above all."

The other entrance, on the left side, will be for those who want to leisurely browse (aka: me, always).  Those shoppers will be greeted with more fashion-oriented and home items stocked nearby Target's beauty, jewelry, and accessories departments.  

Here are some pictures:

Target says they plan to change the layout of 600 stores by 2019 as part of an effort to appeal to shoppers' needs.  

The first of these new Target stores will open in Houston in October.



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