Backstreet Boys Member Caught Being Inappropriate

In Touch Weekly is reporting that Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean was caught drinking and hitting on women just hours after his wife gave birth to their child.  

The alleged incident took place on March 19th:

On March 19 at 5:10 p.m., AJ’s wife, Rochelle, delivered their daughter Lyric. But in an exclusive video obtained by In Touch, AJ is seen grabbing the microphone and belting out the BSB hit “I Want It That Way” just hours after that. [Source]


“He was being incredibly inappropriate. He exchanged numbers with at least three girls and even offered one tickets to his Vegas show,” says a witness.  

But AJ really crossed the line “when he asked a few of the girls to send him a sexy, nude photo so that he could use it as their contact image in his phone.”

“No one could believe he was acting like this with his wife across the street at the hospital with their newborn baby,” adds the witness.



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