Dirty Dancing Made for TV Remake Coming May 24th

I'm sorry but I am NOT ok with this!  

ABC has decided to remake 'Dirty Dancing" as a made-for-TV movie :(

Here is the first look:


Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes are taking on the  iconic role of Frances Houseman (or Baby, as you'll probably know her)  and Johnny Castle, and it looks like they've nailed the dirty moves.

ABC's  adaptation of the beloved '80s classic also stars the likes of Sarah  Hyland as Baby's older sister, Debra Messing as her mum Marjorie, Katey  Sagal, Trevor Einhorn, Nicole Scherzinger and Billy Dee Williams. [source]

Now listen.  Will I watch?  Probably.  Will it even begin to come close to the original?  Probably not.

There are just some movies that should be left alone (in my opinion) and this is one of them.

You can watch the "Dirty Dancing" remake May 24th.



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