You Can Rent Dressed-Up Llamas For Your Wedding [PICS]

Mtn Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas is a non-profit organization specializing in animal-assisted therapy utilizing llamas and alpacas and they are now offering couples the chance to have dressed up alpacas and lamas to show up at their wedding receptions!  I'M DYING.  

The website details what to expect:

Planning a party, and looking for that special “something” that will  have all your guests talking for months (and maybe years!) afterward?

INVITE A LLAMA!! (or an alpaca, if you prefer!)

Our animals are “pros” when it comes to parties and special events-  always decorated to compliment, our llamas can easily handle all ages,  and any size of crowd! More than just “entertainment”, we provide a  unique interactive experience for your guests, that most have never  experienced before, and smiles that will last forever! 

All proceeds go toward funding their therapy and education program.  Are you freaking out yet?  Because brace yourself for pictures...



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