Disgusting gray lump found in bottle of coconut water [PIC]

WARNING: The picture in this post is disgusting and may make you feel nauseous.

The story goes...

On April 25th, a nurse from NY was enjoying her favorite drink...a bottle of coconut water.

She kept the drink in the fridge until she opened it, and said once she tasted something vile, she dumped the rest of the drink and opened the packet with a knife.

“There were four of them all together, maybe five and I swallowed one of them. [Source]

Reportedly, upon swallowing some of the gray mass she got violently sick for several days after.  

She posted the photo on Facebook and it is SO GROSS.


Ok, here it is...

She sent a doctor's note, along with the mystery blob, to the coconut water company and here's what they said:

“We take all consumer inquiries and product quality issues very seriously, and as a global brand have protocols to properly investigate quality inquiries.

“Vita Coco employs the highest standards of food safety at all its production facilities and our beverages are quality- and food safety-tested internally, and also by an external quality control specialist, before being distributed.

“However, because Vita Coco beverages do not contain preservatives, on rare occasion, random spoilage may occur.

“This is what we are investigating now.”

For more details on the alleged incident, click HERE.  



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