Guy sues his date for $17.31 because she was texting during their movie!

Yes, it's rude to text during a movie...we all know that.  But this guy is going a step further and is suing his date because she wouldn't stop texting while they were at the movies.  He wants his $17.31 back!  

Brandon Vezmar, 37, is suing his unnamed Bumble date after she allegedly checked her phone between 10 and 20 times to read and send texts while they were at an Austin, Texas, movie theater, KVUE reports. Court documents show he is asking for $17.31 to reimburse their movie tickets. [Source]

When he told her that her texting was annoying and that maybe she should step outside to send/receive texts, she reportedly did exactly that; went to the lobby...and then left!  

He is claiming that the lawsuit isn't about the money, but rather, the principle...because her behavior "is a threat to civilized society" (the legal documents actually say that).

What is her reaction?

 “Oh my God. This is crazy,” she said.  She says she also plans to file a protective order against him.  

Probably a pretty smart move.  Isn't online dating fun?  

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