Wait, so THIS is who Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" is about?!?!?

"I Kissed A Girl" was Katy Perry's first big hit, but who was it about????  Well, now we know...

Drumroll, please: "I Kissed a Girl" is allegedly about...Miley Cyrus—well, according to Miley Cyrus.

In a new interview, Cyrus claims she's the girl behind Perry's first number-one hit.

Wait, so it was Miley Cyrus' cherry chapstick that Katy was singing about?!?!?!  

We DO know that Katy and Miley have been friends for 10 years and that was about the time "I Kissed A Girl" was recorded.  The song was released in June of 2008.  Time-wise, it would make sense.

So far, Katy has neither confirmed nor denied.  And now we wait...



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