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You have until June 28th to cast your vote and the winner will be announced July 12th.


Meet Ice.  He's a law enforcement canine from Olympia. This happened while he was on-the-job...

Two suspects attempted to flee and Ice was deployed to capture one of  the suspects. As Ice was apprehending the suspect, the suspect used a  large knife to stab Ice twice in the chest as well as the face and  muzzle. Despite Ice’s serious wounds, Ice remained apprehending the  suspect until the suspect was taken into custody. Ice’s bravery likely  saved the other officers from getting stabbed or injured.

Ice was airlifted to an animal hospital and taken immediately into surgery where the doctors and staff were able to repair  his wounds. Ice has since made a full recovery and has returned to  duty.

If you'd like to vote for Ice, CLICK HERE.  



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