IKEA Serving Bowls Investigated For Catching Stuff On Fire!

posted by Megan - 

IKEA sells the Blanda Blank stainless steel serving bowl for $4.99 but is now investigated it for safety after a customer claimed it set his grapes on fire!

"I saw it was burning in the grape bowl. How is that possible, I thought. Then I saw there was one intense point where (the sun) hit the twigs, and that's where it started," consumer Richard Walter said of the incident. 

He then posted a video to Facebook to prove that these serving bowls could literally catch things on fire:

För er som hade svårt att tro på't när det plötsligt började brinna i mina vindruvor på balkongen har jag gjort ett litet expriment för att förtydliga hur det hela gick till. IKEA's skål blanda blank 20cm.

Posted by Richard Walter on Sunday, June 18, 2017


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