KFC now selling clothes, jewelry and other random stuff.

KFC Ltd. launched this morning and a lot of the merchandise is ALREADY SOLD OUT.

Here are some of the things for sale in the KFC Ltd. online store...

Fried Chicken socks for $8

A Colonel Sanders pillowcase for $14

A "fingerlickingood" necklace for $12

Framed pictures of chicken, mashed potatoes, etc. for $80

There's even a real life meteorite shaped like a chicken zinger for $20,000.  It's described as:

This one-of-a-kind meteorite is a real, space-made meteorite from space. Sculpted by the harsh elements that exist in the vastness of space (and then later by three artists named Haley, Scott, and Mike), this Zinger chicken sandwich-shaped meteorite has all the Zinger chicken sandwich-shaped details you've come to expect from the Zinger chicken sandwich. Don't miss your chance to own this very significant and very heavy piece of chicken sandwich space travel history.

  • Iron and Other Space Stuff
  • One of a Kind
  • Not for Human Consumption
  • 5.75" diameter x 3.75" height
  • 9.5 pounds

"KFC and Colonel Sanders have been American pop culture icons for more than 70 years," Steve Kelly, KFC U.S. director of media and digital, said in a press release. "Our fans were craving a way to embrace the fried chicken lifestyle, and KFC Ltd. gives them the opportunity to let their colonel flag fly."



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