Ed Sheeran Crashed a Shawn Mendes Concert! [WATCH]

We're not sure why Ed Sheeran was in NYC last night.  He played a show in Denver Tuesday night and tonight (Thursday) his concert is in Tulsa, OK.  Alas, it would appear that when Ed has a free night in between performances, he heads to New York to crash Shawn Mendes' tour!  

It's kinda hard to hear over the screaming, but here's how it all went down:


"That was just as crazy for me as it was for you guys," Mendes told fans as Sheeran waved goodbye and walked away. As one fan pointed out on Twitter, almost exactly four years ago to the day Mendes tweeted "To ever meet ed sheeran would honestly be the best, hes 100% the person i look upto for music." Talk about a full-circle moment. [Source]



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