OneRepublic Sang "I Lived" With Teen Who Overcame Brain Surgery

OneRepublic Sang "I Lived"  With Teen Who Overcame Brain Surgery.

It happened at their show in Canada a few days ago and it all started when Brendan Prince's dad (Jeffrey) reached out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  

Jeffrey said Brendan has to deal with seizures every day. He's unable to get a driver's licence and has undergone four procedures in the past two-and-a-half years, including brain surgery last September. [Source]

Brendan now suffers from epilepsy.  

But that didn't stop him from taking the stage with his favorite band and singing "I Lived" in front of thousands of people.


"To be able to see him on stage with someone who he literally idolizes, and to see that person put his arm around him and sing with him… it was almost more than we could bear," Jeffrey said.

After his performance, Brendan walked off stage toward his parents. He held it together for the entire song, but as soon as he left the stage, his emotions overcame him.

"Even before I was down the stairs and I saw my mom wiping her eyes and I got a bit weepy," he said. [Source]




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