Walmart now selling meal kits just like Blue Apron and Amazon

In a bid to compete with Amazon and Blue Apron, Walmart is now selling meal kits.

The company appears to be working with several brands, such as Takeout Kit and Home Chef, to offer diverse cuisines like Sichuan-style Mapo tofu, Moroccan shakshuka, Spanish paella, and other low calorie or gluten free options. Home Chef’s Walmart offerings alternate every Tuesday afternoon, similar to how meal kit subscription service Blue Apron’s menu changes every week. Prices range from $32 for Mapo tofu to $79.60 for two meal kits in one. Each meal kit is portioned for four people.

Each meal kit you order through Walmart is a one-time purchase and does not require a monthly/weekly subscription however, subscriptions are available through the meal kits own website.  So this is a great way to try different options without having to worry about cancelling a subscription.



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