Public Affairs - Northwest Spay & Neuter Center

Northwest Spay & Neuter Center knows that vet bills can get very steep very fast so they are doing something to alleviate the burden of the responsibility of having a pet at home. 

Northwest Spay & Neuter Center is a non-profit organization providing spay/neuter, vaccines and microchipping for cats and dogs. 

Northwest Spay & Neuter Center also has an animal shuttle to make affordable spay and neuter services accessible to animal lovers across western Washington and they may be coming to a place near you soon! 

To talk about Northwest Spay & Neuter Center and the importance of spaying and neutering pets, we recently invited Melanie Rushforth, Executive Director , and Kim Morgan, licensed tech at Northwest Spay & Neuter Center.

We also invited Sally Goodgion to tell us about a Collectibles Sale and Dinner Auction she's organizing to support Vine Maple Place, Eileen & Callie's Place, KentHOPE, Union Gospel Mission, The Hug Machine, Young Life, Catalyst House, and Willow's Place. For more information please call Willow's Place at 253-852-0880.

Check both our conversations right here...



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