Public Affairs - The MoreLOVE Project

Over 10,000 people have experienced homelessness in King County at some point during 2016. And about 40 percent of them had no shelter. We have a serious problem, and unless we do something about it, things can only get worse…  

The MORELove Project is one of the many organizations working hard to make a change and end homelessness in the Puget Sound.  They find resources for long term housing and supply essentials for hygiene & food. 

You've probably seen the MoreLOVE van driving around the streets of Seattle to hand out food, water, blankets and other supplies to the homeless men and women they meet. 

We recently invited the MoreLOVE project to the show. We had with us Kristine Moreland, Jeff Lanctot, and Scott Weiz.

Check our conversation here...



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