Public Affairs - Northwest Folklife Festival

Memorial Day weekend is getting closer and with it, one of the coolest festivals in our area… The Northwest Folklife Festival runs May 26-29, and, as the largest community-powered arts festival in the nation, is expected to bring upwards of 250,000 people and artists from all over the Pacific Northwest to the Seattle Center. 

The Northwest Folklife Festival presents more than 5,000 performers from nearly every genre of music, many of whom are drawn from the 100 different cultural communities that Northwest Folklife works with year-round. 

This festival is more than a celebration of the diversity of the Pacific Northwest, it’s a chance to engage directly with the many communities that make up our region. It’s a place to learn, to dance, to play, to try something new, and to discover something that will inspire us for the rest of the year. 

To talk about The Northwest Folklife Festival, we recently invited Kelli Faryar, Programs Director at Northwest Folklife, Steve Sneed from Seattle Center, and Tomo Nakayama, singer/song writer from the Pacific Northwest.

Listen to our conversation here...



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