Public Affairs - Music for Healing and Transition Program

If you knew there was a way for sick people to heal faster and have a more positive healthcare experience, wouldn’t you be all for it? What if it didn’t involve taking more and more medication? Even better, right? 

There is a way and with this way, not only patients benefit… Staff and caregivers do as well; they are less stressed because they are dealing with less anxious patients. 

What I’m talking about is music… iHeartMedia is deeply involved with music, so we know of its power… but how about music’s power of healing? 

The Music for Healing and Transition Program trains and certifies musicians in the art and science of providing therapeutic music for body, mind, and spirit. Why? Because it’s been proven that music can decrease pain, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, stabilize heart rate, the list goes on and on and on... 

Our guest Jessica Gallo is a Certified Music Practitioner and she plays beautiful harp at Virginia Mason Medical Center providing therapeutic music.

Check our conversation here...



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