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You may have noticed the hosts of this show have accents. That's because both Pedro and myself are originally from Argentina. About 17-18 years ago we decided to come to study broadcasting to the US and then we were lucky to find jobs in radio and great companies willing to sponsor our visas. 

There are people, however, who escaping from horrible circumstances in their own countries, either came to the US illegally or overstayed their visas and are now undocumented... We have friends in that situation... the stress in their lives is impossible to understand for some people. 

Now, if you knew you could give your kids a better life by moving somewhere else, let's say China, even if you didn't have a visa... Even if that took a heavy toll on your and your family's mental health, wouldn't you do it? You would, because you love your family... 

There are many families in Washington living in these circumstances. "Living in the US without status is hard on the heart..." reads the website for Puentes, an organization that mobilizes mental health resources to help undocumented migrants and their families. And they add that "the word that most undocumented immigrants use to describe their daily life is "fear."  

We invited Puentes to our show recently and we were joined by Maria-Jose Soerens, Founder of Puentes and Director of Community Initiatives, and Lonnie Lovell Renteria, Executive Director. 

Listen to our talk here...



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