Public Affairs - Seattle Children's Festival

What if going from country to country was as easy as just walking a few steps? Well, let me tell you about the Northwest Folklife’s 4rd Annual Seattle Children’s Festival

It’s a one-day, multi-cultural, inter-generational festival “Celebrating Our Big Neighborhood,” because, let’s be honest, most countries and cultures in the world are represented in our wonderful Puget Sound. 

The Seattle Children’s Festival is Sunday, October 8th from 10 to 5 PM at the Seattle Center and listen to this… It’s FREE! 

We recently had on the show April Jingco, Communications Coordinator for Northwest Folklife. And some of the performers of the Seattle Children’s Festival were also here! Danny Adamson and Sarah Shannon of the Not-Its, a Seattle "Kindie Rock" quintet, and Mako Willett and Takako Miyazaki of Mako and Munjuru, a musical ensemble that plays traditional Okinawan music. 

Check our talk and their music right here...



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