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Let me tell you a story about a young man named Rico. Some months ago, Rico had to spend a whole afternoon in the ER after being hit in the leg during a drive-by shooting in Kent. He had been hanging out with friends at a skate park when this happened and he was one of the intended targets… You see, Rico and his friends were no saints, you may say… And after this incident, he went back to his old dangerous and destructive behavior… 

Fast-forward a few months, Rico has completed all of his GED tests in less than four weeks!  What happened, right? What changed him? 

Well, in between these two events, he was arrested and was at risk of being charged for theft and obstruction of justice. Instead, he received a call from Choose 180 inviting him to attend their Youth 180 Workshop. OK, now we need to know more… No worries, we recently invited to the show Choose 180’s Executive Director, Sean Goode, and he told us Rico’s story… We were also joined by Von Montenegro,  Outreach and Intake Specialist. 

Listen to our talk right here...



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