Public Affairs - Operation Homefront

In many ways, military families are just like any other families. They worry about money, benefits, retirement; sometimes both parents have to work to survive; they worry about their children’s health and education; they go through marital problems; and they want to buy a nice house where to settle down. 

Now, in many aspects, their lives are so different... Just think of their jobs... deployment, war, relocation, isolation, separation, physical disabilities, PTSD... too many issues. 

Our military work extremely hard for our communities and it is not fair that so many times they have to struggle to survive... 

Operation Homefront works on building strong, stable, and secure military families so they can thrive in the communities they have worked so diligently to protect. 

We were recently joined by Olivia Burley, Senior Director of Operation Homefront here in Washington, and Sara Rizzo, Area Manager, Region 1 West for Operation Homefront. 

Check our conversation here and see how YOU can help...



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