Public Affairs - Seattle Humane

For over 100 years, Seattle Humane has been fighting for animal rights and making sure that animal companionship is accessible to all in King County. “Hidden Gems for Furry Friends” is an intimate evening with five very talented local songwriters to benefit Seattle Humane! The benefit will feature music from Dexter Carlson, Jeffrey Carolus, Award winning blues artist Sheri Roberts Greimes, Joe Carolus, and Grammy Award winner Lara Lavi! Don't miss this night of great music and fun for a wonderful cause Sunday April 29 at the Parlor Live in Bellevue. To talk about this great event, Pedro and Luciana Bartes were recently joined by Bret Tiderman of Seattle Humane, and Dexter Carlson and Lara Lavi, two of the musicians that will be performing at Hidden Gems for Furry Friends.

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