Public Affairs - Compass Housing Alliance

If you listen to the news at all these days, that’s if you didn’t get tired of all the negativity and didn’t give up hope in humanity yet, you may have heard about the housing crisis we have in the Puget Sound at the moment.  

Every year, non-profits go out to the streets in King County and count how many people are homeless. In January of 2018, more than 12,000 individuals were found to be experiencing homelessness in Seattle/King County. Fifty-two percent of homeless people were unsheltered, living on the street, or in parks, tents, vehicles, or other places not meant for human habitation. Homelessness has increased 4% since last year, and the unsheltered population has increased by 15%! 

This is simply not acceptable! This is an incredibly wealthy area; some of the richest men in the world live in the Puget Sound! We cannot allow homelessness to happen anymore! 

We recently invited an organization that’s working on homelessness from every possible angle! DAY SERVICES, EMERGENCY SHELTER, TRANSITIONAL HOUSING, AFFORDABLE HOUSING, VETERANS PROGRAMS, FAMILY PROGRAMS! 

We’re talking about Compass Housing Alliance, and to learn more about their work in the Puget Sound, we had Compass Housing Alliance’s Executive Director, Janet Pope, and Chief Program Officer, Robert Bowery.

Listen to our talk here...



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