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There is no denying the face of Seattle has changed considerably in the last 10 years or so. Pedro and I used to live in South Lake Union when South Lake Union didn’t even have a name. Then one day the Mercer Mess because even messier, and our rent went through the roof. The neighborhood went from mostly old buildings and abandoned lots to lots of new apartment buildings, cool stores, and fancy restaurants… Guess what, we had to move. This story is happening all over the Puget Sound. It's called gentrification. And how can new buildings and fancy restaurants be bad, you wonder… Well that's what we'll talk about on this show. And we'll focus on one neighborhood in particular, and what one woman decided to do to help. Today's show will be about the gentrification of Columbia City, Monika Mathews, the Life Enrichment Group and what it does to keep the youth in the neighborhood they grew up in. To talk about this, we recently invited Monika Mathews and Taji Ellis of Life Enrichment Group. Listen to our talk right here...

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