in #CASE you missed it… Do People Change Their Sheets?

in #CASE you missed it… How Often Do People Change Their Sheets?

Is there a more annoying chore to do at home than changing the sheets? Well, some people may think so, but judging by a new survey, it seems a lot of people hate doing it, because they aren’t doing it all that often.

A survey by the website Mattress Advisor finds that the average person sleeps on their sheets for 24 days before changing them. And while that sounds bad, most people say they don’t think their sheets are “gross” until they’ve slept on them for 35 days.

Not surprisingly, women are more likely to change their sheets than men, with gals saying they usually change them after 19 days, while men waited as long as 30. And married people are also more concerned about their sheets, changing them every 20 days, as oppose to single people who change them every 37, although single men are likely to wait 45 days, while single women change them every 35.

Of course, if your bed, is being used for more than just sleeping, the sheets do get changed a little more often. If a guy knows sex is a possibility, 48.6% say they’d change their sheets, while 39.1% of women say the same. But after sex is a different story, with women more likely to wash their sheets four days after having sex, while men waited 11.7 days.

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