in #CASE you missed it… The Hardest Working Cities In The US

in #CASE you missed it… The Hardest Working Cities In The US

Well, WalletHub just released their list of the Hardest Working Cities in America, judging 116 of the largest cities in the country in variety of areas, including Direct Work Factors, as in average work week hours, employment rate, and workers leaving vacation on the table, and Indirect Work Factors, like commute time, workers with multiple jobs and leisure time spent per day.

Based on all of that, folks in San Francisco, California were deemed the hardest workers, with a total score of 78.52 out of 100. Those in the Bay Area rank particularly high in the area of direct work factors (2), and 31st in Indirect Work Factors.

Top Ten Hardest Working Cities in the U.S.

San Francisco, CA

Freemont, CA

Jersey City, NJ

Washington, DC

New York, NY

Oakland, CA

Boston, MA

Aurora, CO

Newark, NJ

Chicago, IL

So where do we in the Seattle area rank? 27 - Seriously only 27!!!!

On the other end of the spectrum, Columbia, South Carolina came in dead last on the list, with a score of 25.72 out of 100, ranking 114 for direct work and 112 for indirect work.

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