in #CASE you missed it… Hamill Reveals "Star Wars" Fact

in #CASE you missed it… Hamill Reveals "Star Wars" Fact

Mark Hamill frequently shares fun facts with his followers about filming the original “Star Wars” and he’s at it again. The latest involves a paper-mache lizard and David Bowie. Hamill took to Twitter to recall a time where he had to climb inside a paper-mache Dewback lizard and found a newspaper review of a Bowie concert.

“FUN FACT- When I climbed inside the Dewback outside the Cantina in Tunisia there was a crowbar to lift its' head & it was covered in newspaper paper-mache, including a review of a David Bowie concert in Paris, which I read by flashlight,” Hamill tweets. “Odd, but true.”

Hamill followed up the tweet with a fan reply asking about the review. He called the clipping “a rave review.”


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