in #CASE you missed it… Home Improvements

in #CASE you missed it… Home Improvements

Well the wife and I have started a major remodel in our downtown condo. We have been working with the folks at Lowes Home Improvement to redesign our kitchen.

With that in mind we thought it was a good time to incorporate a new security system in our place. With folks coming and going, contractors in and out, folks who we have no clue who they are…. A little worrisome to say the least. 

So we turned to our trusted friends at Bel Red Energy Solutions. Their licensed and trained techs are now installing the Nest line of products, the leader in state of the art smart home technology.


Now ANY time we can check in and see exactly what’s going on in and around our home.  This will make the entire remodel process a little easier and we can check in throughout the day to see how things are progressing!

The folks from Bel-Red are awesome. Truly the gold standard in customer service. They followed up with email and text messages to let us know when they would be there and who to expect.

I would encourage you to look into the Nest line of products from security to home thermostats; it’s amazing how Bel Red can help make your home more secure and more energy efficient!


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