in #CASE you missed it…The Edible Chocolate Cottage

in #CASE you missed it… Edible Chocolate Cottage has a listing for "The Chocolate Cottage"

It's exactly how it sounds, a cottage made out of chocolate

It was made by a French chocolatier and the interior is edible

If you’re a fan of chocolate (who isn’t?) and are thinking of taking a trip to France next month, here is the perfect place for you to stay. Behold – the Chocolate Cottage.

The listing goes for around $58 a night, which sounds like a pretty good deal... unless you eat the whole thing by sundown. The listing also offers guests a chance to attend a chocolate workshop with Jean-Luc himself. Think fast though, the listing is only available on September 26th, with the only dates available to stay being October 5th and October 6th.

Check out the listing HERE.


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