This Nougat Recipe Will Remind You Of Christmas As A Kid

Nougat:2 tbsp Butter

2 bags Mini Marshmallows (250g per bag)

2 bags White Chocolate Chips (225g per bag)

2 cups Gumdrops

Melt / microwave first 3 ingredients together until smooth. 

Mix in gumdrops. Spread on parchment paper lined 9x13 pan. Chill overnight in fridge. Cut into squares. **can be stored in freezer


Use baking gumdrops but could probably use jujubes also (they wouldn't be as chewy).

Can use nuts and cranberries instead of gumdrops. Allow to warm up a bit after taking out of the fridge - they were easier to cut. Cut a strip of the block then cut them into smaller pieces.

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